The San Antonio Ragtime Society was formed in 2001 with the purpose of bringing more ragtime music to San Antonio. The organizational aspects are minimal, with no dues or membership requirements.  We meet every other month on even numbered months  to play and listen to ragtime. We welcome all players and lovers of ragtime to attend our free meetings.  We have brought guest pianists Brian Holland, Mimi Blais, Brian Wright, Martin Spitznagel, Michael Stalcup, and Bob Milne to San Antonio.  Larisa Migachyov discovered the “ragtime scene” through our club and is now an active player on the festival circuit around the country, and unfortunately moved to San Fransisco, our loss is their gain!  You can find sources for ragtime music and recordings, piano teachers and learn about other ragtime events.

Open Mics–We meet every other month on even numbered months to listen and play ragtime.    These bi-monthly get togethers are free and open to the public, and we welcome pianists to come play the latest rag they’ve been working on.

Ragtime Contest:   In November we host a Youth Ragtime Contest at Steinway Piano Gallery.   The contest is on Saturday, and then on Sunday our judge for the contest will play a concert.  We have more that 60 young pianists participate in the contest, referred by 20 piano teachers in the San Antonio area.

This video is a good synopsis of what we do (it was originally produced as part of our fundraising effort with the city):

To hear about these and other events get on our email list by emailing Vicki McRae, see the Contact Us page.